Lucille Crelli

My name is Lucy.
I am a social designer.

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That means I’m a designer working for social change.

I utilize human-centered design strategies in my approach to complex social issues. I am primarily passionate about gender, sexuality, and race issues: women’s rights are my bread and butter.

I have more interests than I can have careers. I am also fascinated by politics, art history, journalism, climate change, fashion, civics, education, media, technology, literature, policy, and much more.

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I currently work at the nexus of human rights and journalism.

I am the Human Rights Story Fellow at the Solutions Journalism Network. My last project was with Carnegie Mellon University developing a social enterprise pilot to teach teens career-readiness and life skills. I also do freelance graphic design work for a civics-focused program at University of California Santa Cruz (more on that soon).

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I studied Apparel Design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

My degree includes a Concentration in Race, Sexuality, and Gender. I’ve been an artist my entire life, and my specialities include illustration, graphic design, and photography.

However, I chose to study fashion design because its incredible reach and influence offers the perfect platform to broadcast messages of social change, and working directly with the human body offered me a new perspective from which to study feminism.

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